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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On Dreams !

Note down your good dreams. Forget your bad dreams or nightmares. A bad dream or a nightmare has no effect on you if you do not think about it. It is you, who gives power to a dream over you. If you see a bad dream, just reject it and it will die it's own death. If you see a good dream, you can think about it but forget a bad dream as soon as possible. Do not be scared and do not seek to find what it means. Never speak of your bad dreams to anyone. Ignore them.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Heal Up !

I have noticed that some people, when they are ill, do not actually want to get better. For them, illness seems to be a reward or something, and they like to talk about it as if it is something which they earned after a lot of struggle. It could be because they want others to sympathize with them. 

I just know how to bring about healing. I love people who do not accept an illness and who love to be healed. It is easy to give up and remain ill, but it takes courage to decide that you want to be healed and then go about it.

Friday, May 20, 2016

My Reverse Cultural Shock - 1

How hard can it be to get over a reverse cultural shock? Well, learning more about the reverse cultural shock kind of made it a bit hard to get over it. Dr. Bates from the American University gave us a lecture on how to deal with the reverse cultural shock, and he made it clear that there was no cure for it, but that it was not a disease.


Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Kitchen Moment - Gone Wrong !

Monday, December 14, 2015

That Nasty Neighbor

Think of all the people that Donald J. Trump has offended so far. 

What are the traits of a good leader or a politician? Think of Abraham Lincoln, think of Nelson Mandela, think of Martin Luther King, think of the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, think of Jesus. Now, think of Donald J. Trump, and his big mouth, and the way it moves when he boasts about how rich he is, and then insults everyone he feels is not important to him or his victory.

I'm sure you must have or have had a grumpy, ill-mannered, bullying kind of a person, somewhere in your neighborhood, who just assumes you are going to be in his way making his life more difficult. That is him. That is Donald J. Trump. He is your nasty neighbor.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Tragic Life-cycle of Terrorism

This is quite simple. Not hard to understand. In March 2011, anti-government protests broke out in Syria. Somebody somewhere instigated a revolution, which led to an uprising against a dictatorship, leading to the dictator bombarding his own people, which led to creating the "bad guys/terrorists", that led to the world heading in that direction to kill the "bad guys", which led to numerous civilian deaths, which led to strengthening the "bad guys", and the battle continues.
Al Shifa Hospital, One of the first hospitals to be targeted by the regime killing several dozen civilians and doctors and nurses. Aleppo, Syria.
Photo taken by: Jake Simkin

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The World We Live In

We are unfair to humanity. We love sad stories and tragedies. We sympathize with people who suffer, and we want them to keep on suffering. We enjoy their sufferings, and we want to be the ones to save them, or love to take credit for saving them, or we constantly feel the need to look for a saviour for those going through pain, and we love to blame people for not caring for the sufferings of humanity. We love to have someone to blame for something. That's what we love the most. If by mistake anyone finds a way out of their sufferings, or succeeds in helping themselves or those around them, we are most certainly not pleased with them. Oh we are not pleased with them at all. What are they thinking trying to stand on those two undeserving feet of their own? How dare they defy the rules of this society? They are evil. We were not even done with mourning their sufferings, tragedies and losses yet? How dare they rise up and fight back? They do not deserve our sympathy any more. 

That's it. 

This means war.