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Monday, September 24, 2012

Staying Young

A saying goes that you are only as old as you feel. That is right. You act old when you feel old, and you act young when you feel young. It is not always about how you look, or about how your skin appears to others. Most of us strive to look youthful on the outside. People will do almost anything to retain their youth, especially the women. They will try everything to keep their skin from getting cracked or wrinkled, and their hair from turning grey.
I know someone who constantly worries about how her face is getting all wrinkled up. Worrying and applying almost anything on her skin to try to make it appear youthful. Staying young does not necessarily have to mean looking sixteen in the skin or hair. Even if looking sixteen is all that matters, then going for external remedies like surgery and creams is not a long lasting solution. Even if you go for a skin surgery, you will eventually look the same over a period of time or even much worse. If you want to remain young, you have to nourish your soul with the ingredients that will keep you young inside out. 
A face is the index of a soul and mind. Whatever you hold inside your heart, shows on your face. With hatred in our hearts for others, we are constantly in a battle with ourselves. With love and kindness in our hearts for others, we are at peace. Hatred and envy makes us look old and ugly. Love and kindness makes us look young and beautiful. You may try to pretend that you hold no hatred in your heart for someone, and may try to put on a happy face in public, but that strong emotion of hate will show right through your pores making you look ugly and old. People with beautiful and kind hearts will look beautiful and fresh even on the outside, no matter how many wrinkles they might have. The love and kindness will radiate right through their skin. They are like the shining stars on a clear night. Hence it is very important to be caring and compassionate toward others. Others include everyone.

Remember that, no matter what your skin tone, eye color or age may be, with love, kindness and compassion in your heart for others, you will look more beautiful than even any famous celebrity after getting the best surgeries for skin and beauty. While, the unkind will look unpleasant and ugly even after all the treatments for skin, in the world. By being kind to others, you are actually being kind to yourself.

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