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Saturday, September 22, 2012

It Does Not Matter !

Sometimes we may find ourselves in an impossible situation, where some people may constantly be trying to hurt us. Since childhood till this very day, I too, am faced with such people. I used to cry my heart out for hours and hours, wanting to change the unkind people into good human beings, working toward making them become peaceful creatures. I have realized that the best thing to do in order to get such people off one's back is, to let them be who they are, and steer clear of them; because all they know is how to blame and hurt others.

No matter how much kindness you show to the unkind who is stronger to you, it may not work, it may not change them. Keep in mind that, where ever they go or whoever they meet, they will remain who they are. It is better to change your own course or direction instead. If you do not hear what they say about you, or not see what they do, you will not get hurt. Simply do not let yourself get hurt at all. We get hurt only when we expect a good treatment or respect from someone; but what if the other person is not capable of respecting anyone at all? Apples do not grow on peach trees.

It really does not matter what those for whom you do not matter, think of you. Being kind to people is a wonderful trait. Keep being kind but do not expect kindness in return.

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