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Saturday, January 14, 2012

God, Predestination and Prodigies

I just heard the news of Aarifa Karim passing away at the Combined Military Hospital CMH in Lahore today. She was the world's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in 2004. She was a prodigy. 

Her passing away just now hurt me very deeply, but I have strong faith in the fact that the time of our deaths is predestined. God sends us into this world for a specified time period.

Aarifa Karim achieved so much during this little time which she had on this planet. She had a very fast mind and was a miracle girl. This gets me to thinking that she and others like her, are God's special experiments on earth. God sends these special experiments to earth in the form of highly developed brains and that too for a very short period of time. 

Most prodigies die young. Their deaths too, just like everything else's death is predestined. They are given a short time to live because they are too fast and too special. This gets me to thinking that death being predestined, and they having highly intellectual brains; are assigned a short stay during which they may or may not completely carry out their tasks, but staying beyond that specified short period of time for them in this world can either damage the world, in some unknown ways, or it can just wear their brains out.

The experiments are probably carried out on this world and not on the special intellectual beings sent here for a very limited stay. They probably know things or may come to know of things that the rest of us should not know and thus their further stay here is probably considered "not good" for us earthlings, as in their being able to reveal things which we are not supposed to know yet.

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