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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Did You Conspire Behind My Back?

When I was much younger, less aware and less educated, I used to waste a lot of my time in giving clarifications and explanations to others about the things I had nothing to do with, or things that were not my fault.  At home with my siblings, and at school, college and university with my friends. What I was unaware of was, that there was always someone out there trying to create this misunderstanding. Someone applying the divide and conquer rule to my life. I do not blame the evil ones for creating misunderstandings, because they are doing their job very well. Bravo! The bad people are the "bugs" or viruses in the program of your life. This is what they were sent here for. They will try to corrupt your whole system. You just have to know how to guard against them.

The problem lies with those who are supposed to trust you and have faith in you. Life gets really tough when you have to waste so much of your precious time in trying to clarify the misunderstandings and false allegations against you to those you consider to be your close friends. I used to care a lot for my image in the public eye. I was always worried about what others might think of me. I made sure I never hurt anybody, not even unintentionally. I even cared for the class four people, but above all for my dear and near ones. Do you ever think that those you hold dear and near, may not actually be your dear and near ones? You may be keeping them too dear but they may not reciprocate. Love does not require reciprocation, true, but at least the people who claim to hold you dear should have faith in you. They should trust you.

Recently I have become quite immune to the whole image thing. I have realized that those who are my true friends will never judge me through someone else's crooked eye. No matter what someone tells me about a friend, I do not believe in it till I have solid proof and even then I use my own judgement based on facts and not on false allegations. I do check if the source is trustworthy or not. Is my friend more honest than the source trying to feed something negative in my mind against my friend? Is the source going to gain any benefit from making me fight with my friend for silly reasons? I do go up to my friend and ask if any of that which I heard, is true? This is what you should never forget to do. Never judge or believe any allegations till you have asked your concerned friend.

Why waste your time in giving explanations to people who will believe in almost anything against you without first asking you if there was any truth in that at all? Someone who will  believe in any lie told about you cannot be your friend. Such people do not matter. Those who claim to be your friends should know you and should have faith in you. Those who do not trust you, can never be your friends. They do not deserve your clarifications; and above all, if they have not even asked for any. Do not try to clarify the misunderstanding, if your friend does not give you a chance to explain. That surely is not your friend.

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