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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Tragic Life-cycle of Terrorism

This is quite simple. Not hard to understand. In March 2011, anti-government protests broke out in Syria. Somebody somewhere instigated a revolution, which led to an uprising against a dictatorship, leading to the dictator bombarding his own people, which led to creating the "bad guys/terrorists", that led to the world heading in that direction to kill the "bad guys", which led to numerous civilian deaths, which led to strengthening the "bad guys", and the battle continues.
Al Shifa Hospital, One of the first hospitals to be targeted by the regime killing several dozen civilians and doctors and nurses. Aleppo, Syria.
Photo taken by: Jake Simkin

There are always two sides to a story. Remember, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Think of all the civilian deaths, the children bombed in Syria. The children orphaned in Syria. The widowed women. The men who lost their loved ones. Those are not going to be on your team, if you were the one who took part in making any of this happen, or if you ever facilitated their doom. You are making more enemies.

Photo Credits: Jake Simkin
Some people say that a photo is not worth dying for, but Jake says that a million beautiful people with the warmest hearts are.

Narrated Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: There will be civil strife (fitnah) which will render people deaf, dumb and blind regarding what is right. Those who contemplate it will be drawn by it, and giving rein to the tongue during it will be like smiting with the sword. (Abu Dawud)

People who want a revolution will end up getting into something like the Syrians are in right now. Now I understand all the Ahadith about why one should avoid a civil uprising.

Here, I am sharing with you some of the Ahadith that I shared somewhere a few years back. Today, they make much more sense to me.

Hudhaifa bin al-Yaman narrated a hadith in which he said, “The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘there will be after me leaders who do not follow my guidance and do not follow my sunnah, and there will be among them men whose hearts are like those of satan in the body of a human being.’ And I asked the Prophet (peace be upon him), ‘What I should do at that time if I reach it?’ He said, ‘listen and obey the ruler, even if he lashed your back and took your money, listen and obey."

If you don't do that, millions of innocent civilians will lose their lives, as we have seen happen right before our very eyes.

In another narration, Auf bin Malik said, “O Prophet of Allah, do you recommend that we fight them?” He said, “No, don’t fight them as long as they do not prevent you from your prayers."

My reason for sharing these Ahadith some years back, was the situation in my own country Pakistan, where people seemed to be, and still are, not giving democracy a chance to succeed. There is a lot we can learn from whatever is happening around us in the world today.

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