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Friday, March 6, 2015

The News Women - Let Us Judge You !

The Jung Media Group - recently came up with a new adventure, The power 50, News Women. People were asked to nominate women who have made some difference through their work in the lives of others in Pakistan. I came to know about it only two days ago, when a friend of mine sent me a link of the page where he nominated me. Being a bit shy, I do not prefer being put on display for people to click on the vote button and judge me, so I requested my friends not to tag me in those posts. For fun, some of them did cast their votes for me. 

Now looking at the number of votes received by the women who actually made a lot of difference through their work and contributed in a positive way to making Pakistan a better place, and the world at large, I was greatly disappointed and felt like The News Media probably should have used a better method to pay a tribute to these women. I came across Haseena Moin's page and found only twelve votes, similarly the twenty-seven year old Air Force Fighter pilot, Ayesha Farooq got forty-two votes, while The UN Peacekeeper lady from Pakistan, got almost no or only a few votes. I am sure, just like I was unaware of being nominated for being judged, none of them were aware too. Nighat Dad, who is also one of the leading ladies, got no votes at all. Zeba Bakhtiyar got only three votes. I mean, come on. Just because some of the people are good at advertising and know how to cast multiple votes, doesn't mean Haseena Moin is not a "Power Lady". But then again, being good at advertising is also quite a talent. Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, got around a hundred or so votes. I wonder what happened to Fatima Bhutto !?!

Jung Media Group, you've gotta be kidding me ! :-D Actually, I do appreciate your efforts, but I am sure Bilquis Edhimust must have touched several lives and not just seventy-one, as per her votes, and almost none of those she touched would be using the internet. I bet if Fatima Jinnah was put on display like that, to be judged, she would have bagged approximately twenty-one votes.

In the end, I would still say, it was a good effort, but the results will not mean, Haseena Moin or any of those actually strong and wonderful women, are not the Heroes ! Hmmm lemme go back and see what Meera got. :-P