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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Marriage - Men & Women

I have come across people who enter into marriages, particularly love marriages, with the hope that they will transform their lives magically. They think love marriages are like magic, and work miracles; the way they see on television. If you are not happy being single, you can never be happy being married. Happiness comes from within. Marriage, be it arranged or love, needs a lot of work. Building homes takes energy, time, compromises and patience. It does not need "love" alone.

Homes break when you listen to the judgements of other people about the people you live with. First of all, when entering into a love marriage, if you expect all your wishes and desires to be met by your loyal slave only at the wave of your magic wand, then you are an idiot. That is not how marriages work. If you enter into marriage with the aim of controlling your in-laws, you are being an idiot once again, driven by Adrenalin and ambition, or maybe by Star Plus. You probably could not find a better job and entered into marriage for the sake of money, pretending it was love.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bitter - Better

You are "bitter" because I am "better".

When someone is not treating you right, they are bitter because they know you are better and they cannot digest this fact !

Respect !

When you talk to respectable and honorable people, you will get respect in return. When you talk to people who have no respect of their own, you will get disrespect in return for sure. Every time people treat you badly, you should know that the problem in not with you, but with them. If they disrespect you, or try to belittle you, know that they feel insecure in your presence. They feel threatened by you being better than they are. They give you only what they have received from the universe. Someone who respects you has a lot of respect of his own in the eyes of the world and the universe. The world must have treated him well, and he is familiar with respect. People who are kind, have known kindness. People will give you of what they have. How can you expect someone to give you of what they do not have?