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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some People !

We are all born for different reasons. We look at the world through different eyes. We have different understandings of things around us. Each one of us serves a different purpose. We do not necessarily belong together. People come into this world and leave after having served their purpose. Sometimes it appears like some people are born to suffer, while others are born to enjoy life and have fun. Whatever we are meant to be, is coded in our entire being. Those who suffer, will suffer even if they are provided with the conditions of the happy ones. If not in every case, sometimes in some cases the sufferer suffers at his own will. 

 You can be poor and still be happy. Some people are rich and are still sad. Some people can run and walk with ease and are still sad, while some do not have limbs to walk on but are still happy. Some people have children and are still complaining, while some cannot have children at all. Some people know the purpose of their existence and therefore live a meaningful life, while some people have no clue, and some other people consider this existence to be the only one time they will live and consider death to be the end of life, so they try to do as much wrong in this life as they can in order to get all that they desire, for they will not get another chance to live their dreams out loud. Some people consider this life to be a test and they believe in the life hereafter to depend on their conduct in this life, so they live a steadfast and contented life. I think they are the happy ones. They hope for a better life hereafter and therefore they work toward making that eternal life a better one than this temporary abode.

Which one are you?

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