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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Into The Dark Future

Waiting for my friends on the second floor of a busy building, I could hear the construction workers working with their heavy machinery in the building compound. While digging into the ground, they found a dead body that appeared to be quite old and yet fresh. It was half human and half machine. It had human skin and one could see the sunlight reflecting from its metallic exposed part of the head.

The dead body was much bigger in size than regular humans. I was still waiting for my friends, looking out the glass walls of the building, with the sun shining bright in the sky on a dry noon in the month of May somewhere in some time period that seemed alien to me. Suddenly the dead body woke up to life and put all those workers into a deep suspended animated mode, with some red light beam coming out of its eyes. It seemed to be some kind of a laser beam. Time seemed to have switched into some other dimension. The day went red, and people in the building, where I was standing, started running around probably for their lives. I saw some tall weird metallic men with laser guns walking in the building. I hid behind a small door.

They were taking people hostages and making them go through some metallic door reactor thing on a conveyor belt to some place I did not want to see or know about. I was still hiding behind that very narrow door, standing  very still and not even breathing deeply. There were these tall metallic robotic kind of humans, somewhat like cybernetic organisms moving through the corridors. The conveyor belt door was right next to the door I was hiding behind.

Have imagination?
- You can complete the story -

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