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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dream Within A Dream

In a dream within a dream
Death came to me as roots of trees
While I was lying beside a baby
On the floor of the roof of a house
It covered me, layer by layer
Silently, in my sleep
I woke up from my slumber
I was fine, the baby was fine
I looked around, and all was fine
I then walked out a door
Into a club, where people waited in line
For their fortunes, old women told
I waited for a long time,
For my name to be called out
Getting tired of waiting
I walked up to the one in charge
He said he could not add my name
I waited still, hoping to know
I saw them all clueless about something
I knew the answers the solutions
I remember a lady, struggling with
A molten piece of glass
I took it from her hands; and
Made some bubbles out of that
She was pleased; she thanked me
They could not tell my future
For they could not see it
Only I had the key
They did not know it
So I walked out that club; in my dream.

Sobia Nosheen © April 22, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Pet Lizards

Today, my new pet lizard reminded me of my old pet lizards back in my school days. They are loyal pets. Everyone must have a pet lizard to protect them from those ugly brown, beastly, winged, flying, creeping, dirty, bacterial, scary roaches. My pet lizard ate the sh*t out of a roach and saved my life today! Yayyy!

During my school days, I had two pet lizards. They lived in the fireplace in my room. They would stay awake all night watching over me while I would be studying for my exams. They would protect me from cockroaches in the dark. It would make me happy to know they were around to eat the roaches before they could attack me. :-P lol

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Peshawar - From The Backseat

Around Peshawar

 I was struggling with an injury, so lying on the backseat and thought I would take some photos of Peshawar.
Here they are :-)