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Monday, December 24, 2012

In While Dealing

Life in general is not easy for most or almost all of the living beings. My life is not easy, in that I have made it difficult for myself. I follow a certain set of rules in life. I do not break them. I do not deal with people who break them. This makes it a bit hard for me to go about life in the modern world.

I have seen people lying and cheating. In while dealing with people, I am dead honest. I expect the same in return. Somebody somewhere will always cheat and lie. Somebody will always deceive you. When someone lies to me, or tries to deceive me, I avoid them the next time. No matter how important they are for the work I need done. They are out of my list for ever. The same goes for everything.

Hate is another thing that turns me off. I do not like to deal with people who have hatred in their hearts for their fellow beings. If you are full of hate, you do not smell good. Even the bees are not attracted for pollen or nectar to flowers that stink or look and taste bad. Almost everyone around me is either judgmental or racist. They judge others on the basis of their religion, cast, color, creed and sect. In schools, colleges, universities and homes, you will always find people telling others how someone belonging to some certain other religion or culture are wrong and are therefore going to hell.

Everyone seems to be busy with trying to blow out someone else's candle. How can you possibly even think of achieving peace or bringing peace to the world, when you are so busy in trying to judge the neighbor or bring him down?

Kindness, honesty, modesty, sincerity and loyalty in your dealings with others leads to peace within as well as without.

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