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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fear Murders Peace

Fear of something in the hearts and minds of individuals, kills their chance to peace and harmony. Fear breeds anger. Only those who do not fear, can succeed. When we fail to understand something, we begin to fear it. Fear leads to hatred and anger. We avoid what we hate and eventually deprive ourselves of an opportunity to get to know something good. Have you ever seen wild animals? Do you know we can tame even the wild wolves? Animals too can sense fear in a human, and that is when they attack only the individuals who fear them, since the wild animals can sense the unfriendliness in the hearts of those individuals. People who tame these wild animals do not fear them. They approach them with the determination to befriend them. That is the reason why they succeed in communicating with the wild animals.
You use force against something only when you fear it. You hate something only when you fear it. You fear  something only when you fail to understand it. If you learn to understand something, you will not fear anymore. You will not feel powerless anymore against something, and as a result you will not feel the need to be violent against something anymore.

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