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Friday, August 24, 2012

Zigar Jan - A True Lady !

Zigar Jan (Ama), my great-grandmother. She was the mother of my paternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather. A true princess, as much as I can recall. 

To me, she is like no other woman I have ever known. There are some wonderful things I remember about her from my childhood. She was the only lady who ever defended me and loved me. If it wasn't for her, I would never ever have seen a mother's love in my life. Though she was my great-grandmother, which is like a distant relationship, yet, today I remember her, only for the fact that she loved me, cared for me, and did not hesitate in defending me against those who disrespected and disregarded my view point in life, even during my childhood days. She saw me for who I was, and loved me for that. She actually listened to me. Not many grown up ladies listen to kids or value their opinions. I learnt from her, that if I listen to a little child today, give my love and care to them, tomorrow they will remember me for that, the way I remember her for the love she gave me.

Unlike any other woman in my family, she talked to me softly, as if I was made of wax and would melt away if she spoke louder. Even when she was in her 90s and I was in F.Sc, she would make me sit in her lap. She would tell me how much I mean to her. She would tell my parents how important I was. I would also almost whisper to her, for that is what I learnt from her, and she would be able to hear me and respond; though I heard from others that she could only hear when they shouted.

I do not know of her youth much, but for the time I knew her, to me, she will remain a true princess.

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