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Friday, August 24, 2012

Zigar Jan - A True Lady !

Zigar Jan (Ama), my great-grandmother. She was the mother of my paternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather. A true princess, as much as I can recall. 

To me, she is like no other woman I have ever known. There are some wonderful things I remember about her from my childhood. She was the only lady who ever defended me and loved me. If it wasn't for her, I would never ever have seen a mother's love in my life. Though she was my great-grandmother, which is like a distant relationship, yet, today I remember her, only for the fact that she loved me, cared for me, and did not hesitate in defending me against those who disrespected and disregarded my view point in life, even during my childhood days. She saw me for who I was, and loved me for that. She actually listened to me. Not many grown up ladies listen to kids or value their opinions. I learnt from her, that if I listen to a little child today, give my love and care to them, tomorrow they will remember me for that, the way I remember her for the love she gave me.

Dusty's Silent Moment

Me: Dusty, speak to me !

Dusty: You are surrounded by toxic elements these days. Your profound anger is impossible for me to absorb. I better stay silent.

Me: :-S :-O

Actual Poverty

Poor is not he, who does not have money, poor is he, who does not have peace. Poor is he, who is not at peace; for even money cannot buy you inner peace.

Dusty On Relationships: Tip # 1

Dusty says, 
"You don't necessarily have to make one person's life miserable, in order to make another person happy."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dusty's Wise Words

After alot of deliberation, I have decided to give Dusty a chance to be on my blog. So from now on, I will be adding Dusty's voice to my blog too.

Stay tuned to Dusty !

Speaking The Truth In Public

Ask me to speak, only when you have the courage to hear the truth. Most people invite me to speak. I speak the truth, and the wolves in sheep clothing get offended.

People may ask you not to be blunt, not to speak the truth and to learn to lie. If you fear others, then learn to lie, otherwise, know that you have to live with yourself all the time, therefore speak the truth if you do not want to live with a liar.