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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dream Within A Dream

In a dream within a dream
Death came to me as roots of trees
While I was lying beside a baby
On the floor of the roof of a house
It covered me, layer by layer
Silently, in my sleep
I woke up from my slumber
I was fine, the baby was fine
I looked around, and all was fine
I then walked out a door
Into a club, where people waited in line
For their fortunes, old women told
I waited for a long time,
For my name to be called out
Getting tired of waiting
I walked up to the one in charge
He said he could not add my name
I waited still, hoping to know
I saw them all clueless about something
I knew the answers the solutions
I remember a lady, struggling with
A molten piece of glass
I took it from her hands; and
Made some bubbles out of that
She was pleased; she thanked me
They could not tell my future
For they could not see it
Only I had the key
They did not know it
So I walked out that club; in my dream.

Sobia Nosheen © April 22, 2012

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