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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Unconditional Love ?

The only love that exists in the world today, in you and I and all around us is "self-love". There is no other love and no other greater love around us than "self-love". We do things that please us. We claim we love someone, but we do not love anyone other than ourselves. Yes, we only love ourselves. 

We claim we love someone so much that we will die if we did not get to be with that someone. What does it mean? Do we even care about the other person's feelings? No. We are trying to please ourselves all this while. In my opinion, love should be unconditional. If I claim to love someone and the other person does not reciprocate my feelings, what do I do? Is it necessary that the other person should feel the same way? No.

If it is not unconditional, it is not love at all. Love cannot be forced. Many a times in life I came across wonderful people, who touched my heart and I thought I fell in love but it was never the love I recognize. I love God's creation unconditionally. I do not attach any strings to the love I have in my heart for everyone and everything that God has made. To love someone and something is different from being in love with someone or something. I have never been in love, though I have loved God's creation in all shapes and forms.

To think of winning over someone's heart, and to want to have someone all for yourself, just because you have a terrible crush on that someone, would be a foolish and the most selfish thing to do. Love cannot be forced. When I like someone, I'm nice and kind to them and that is all. :-) To expect something in return would make me selfish and would make me be in love with myself only as I would want to please my own heart.

It is sad to see that the word "love" is so much misused and misinterpreted. The love that we see today is no love at all. That is not called love. That is a polluted form of this great and wonderful feeling. In fact it is a form of selfishness. If you love someone, keep it to yourself. Actions speak louder than words. :-)

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