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Friday, October 14, 2011

You Make The World

How can one work for peace between the so many different nations when firstly, their governments are determined to wage wars against one another, and secondly their people are worlds apart with neither the will, not a chance to understand each other, while only believing in the news on television about one another (which may not always be true); and whatever they are made to believe in by the negative elements working against peace?

If people of the world are given a chance to know and to understand each other, there will never be any wars. This world is full of beautiful people and these differences in color, caste, creed, cultures, languages etc., make them appear like different flowers in one garden. It is time for the people to realize that the governments are not the people and do not remain the will of the people for long. It is time to wake up to reality. Own this globe as your home. Own it's people as your own people. If you are working against global peace, realize that this life is not eternal so try not to make it a living hell for others. Work for peace and understanding. Learn to tolerate and love the ones who are different. There is enough space on this globe for everyone. So live and let live.

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