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Friday, September 9, 2011

You Are What You Hear - At Will

We are what we eat, true; but, we are what we hear; this is also true. Our thinking is shaped by what we hear and watch. I am referring to the songs we listen to. No matter how strong our nerves are, no matter how composed we are, if we keep listening to sad songs, sooner or later they start showing in the way we act. They have a great deal of affect on our mood. Sad songs make us sad, they depress us. Try to listen to a motivational song and even if you are upset, it will help you cheer up. Motivational and happy songs are the best mood uplifters. I like to listen to songs that serve a purpose of positive energy.

A few days ago, I came across a beautiful sad song. I loved the music and even the lyrics. I even sang and recorded it. What I didn't know was that it had already started working on my nerves. When it prepared the foundation for depression, and I heard something upsetting, it hit me so bad that I just felt like I should leave everything, even living. I am writing this while in the process of recovery from all that. I am not blaming a song for a disaster but it did prepare a foundation for it. When songs are your only pep-talk try to listen to something good.

Do not at any cost, listen to sad depressing songs and shut out all the negative people from your life, shut your eyes and ears to the negative things that can take you down to their level and drown you to death. Think positive, work toward a positive goal with positive thoughts in your head that will serve as fuel for positive deeds.

This may not be everything, but this is one major reason behind the happy or sad situation in your life. Think about it.

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