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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Stray Dog

I remember how I befriended a stray dog. I was in this huge room where there was some partying going on. There were wide and tall windows all around. The room had two doors. The backdoor opened into a circular staircase which went up as well as down the building overseeing a wide river.  The other door opened into a hallway.

After everybody had left. I shut the door. While I was about to get busy with packing, there was a power cut. Even though it was dark, I could still see in the dim light coming through the windows. I went to sit on the sofa by the windows waiting for the power. Just then I saw a dog in the room. I had seen it in the room before, during the party and thought it belonged to someone. It seemed to be an Africanis khoikhoi dog, white in color. I stayed still, as I didn't know what to do. I didn't know why it didn't leave. It came close and sat at my feet. After a few seconds, it jumped up and went into this other half of the room which was covered by a separator curtain. The dog started barking and out came running some dark human figure. Seemed as though a thief or someone in the hiding to hurt me most probably. The dog followed and attacked till the stranger left the room. It was perhaps through one of the windows. I was only watching sitting back on the sofa and really didn't know what was going on.

The dog came and sat at my feet again. Since he wasn't wearing any collars, I guessed he didn't belong to anyone.

Alot happened after that. Somebody tried to mess with my plane tickets, but I saved them. I knew who my direct enemy was, but I ignored the fact. This window was like a magic screen, and I could see and hear them scheming behind my back, but I didn't care about it for as long as I knew in advance what they were upto. I remember them mentioning a rocket as in a space rocket too. I left the place. I don't remember where the dog went after that but it was gone.

So that's the whole story.

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