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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Door Slammers

Some people are used to slamming doors behind them. I mean literally and not figuratively. If you are one of them, try avoiding shutting the doors with a bang. People who are graceful, will always close the doors gently.

Dont keep slamming the door behind you!!!!.

Just notice, the next time someone closes a door behind them. People who slam doors are mean, rude, loud and crazy in a "not good" way. You can slam your door when you're alone and nobody is around to hear it; but when in public or with friends and family, try being polite and kind even to the door.

When you have your brain completely under your control, and it can coordinate well with the rest of your body, then there is no way you will ever slam a door like a jerk. Almost everyone around me except for my dad, slams doors. Whenever I close a door, I make sure it does not make any noise. I think you can judge people's personalities by the way they normally close doors behind them.

You are actually a beautiful person, if you close a door gently; and you are really very ugly if you slam a door. :-) That is how you actually appear to the world at that point.

Choose to be beautiful !

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