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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Collecting Strength !

There is a point in life when people really do matter to you. There are people who will say things to bring you down and hurt you. Their hurtful words will adversely affect you; yes they will. Then there are people who will believe in you and their belief in your abilities will give you strength. You will then be able to believe in yourself and eventually will rise again.

There are friends who believe in you; they are your strength !
Okay this is how I look at it sometimes...

It is much similar to the way your mobile phone battery works. When completely drained out, only a universal charger can charge it. Once it starts charging, you can then put it back into the mobile phone and use the usual common charger to further charge your phone battery.

You are the phone and its own charger is your own belief in yourself. When you are completely drained out of charge which is the enthusiasm and desire to live; then you need that universal charger, which is the people who believe in you and put faith in your abilities. Once you collect a tiny bit of strength, then your own charger starts to work and you are up and running.


Uttam said...

sometimes someone's love and care gives you strength.

Sobia Nosheen Saleh said...

Yes Uttam. When there are more people who care for you and believe in you, then nothing can bring you down or take away your dream.