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Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Your Path

The battle against evil and injustice is not easy. You will make many foes. Those who were once your friends will become your enemies. Your own family will become your enemy. Nobody wants to be corrected and if you try to come in the way of their evil doings, you will be targeted as well.

It does not mean you should stop doing good because it bothers others. If there are bad people in the world, there are good people in the world too. Those who have a problem with your good work, have a problem with themselves. Let nothing discourage you. Let nothing hurt you. People are just people, they will say just about anything to bring you down. Know that God is there to support you. With God by your side, there is no way you are alone in your battle against evil and injustice.

If you find yourself moving against the current, it means you are strong and have the courage to fight the wrong. People actually fear such strong individuals. Strong by character. Nothing can break their strength. If you find many evil forces working against you, it is because they fear you and feel threatened. Do not stop your good work and do not be disheartened.

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