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Friday, July 1, 2011

Being Branded A Racist !

Today was the worst day of my life. Before I could explain myself, before I could say that we should try to rise above the cultural and sectarian differences that I often see, before I could finish my speech, I was believed to be trying to prove the opposite. I was branded a racist !

I think my close friends know me better but who cares? It really hurts ! :'(

I often forget that those who are listening to my speeches do not necessarily have a good IQ. I also forget that those who are listening to my speeches may not necessarily like me. Maybe some hater is sitting right there, and will try to use my words against me in a twisted fashion.

I am greatly disappointed at the hearts full of hate, false ego and envy; I come across every now and then !

What a waste of (my) life this is. I write this so that I do not forget not to speak out in public in Peshawar ! It is such a waste of energy, it's a heartache !

The black-hearted ones do not deserve my words !

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