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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Upside Down Flag at PC Lahore

I really do not know the reason why the Pearl Continental Hotel administration ran the Pakistani flag upside down, but I sure did got blamed for taking a photograph with an upside down flag. Being an optimistic person, I tend to think positive and do not like to find faults with everything.

It could have been the lack of awareness and Flag etiquette that this flag was run upside down, or it could have been a distress call.

I know where Pakistan stands on the globe, and at this point, if someone runs the flag upside down, I will not be upset about it, as that would definitely not be wrong; considering the amount of distress Pakistan is going through at the moment in history. It is time every single Pakistani pays attention to fixing the problems Pakistan is facing. The answer does not lie in violence or anger or inverting my photo or even rotating your flags. The answer lies in educating the Pakistani youth on alot of things and above all, tolerance.

Those who got offended by the upside down flag, should just chill and take a deep breath. The flag hangs at Pearl Continental Hotel, and it was pretty much impossible for me to take it off; and besides I didn't see any reason why I or anyone should even interfere in the affairs of the PC. The Pakistani flag normally flies from left to right. Even if I rotate the photo, left to right, the emblem remains inverted, so this flag was probably printed inverted.

In short, focus on the things that can do some good to your nation; rotating the flags from one angle to another is no good at all ! :-)


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