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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Chapa'ti Difference

I'm new to the Chapa'ti making experience. We here in Peshawar - Pakhtoonkhwa, have these huge heavy Rotis (Flatbread) that we eat with "Tarkari" (Meat or Vegetable Curry). While in Punjab they have these very thin kinda rotis that they call Chapa'ti, which I've had some years back when I lived in Rawalpindi, but had totally forgotten about.

Recently I visited a lovely aunt in Islamabad and had a few Chapa'tis for dinner. I was just wondering why I kept on eating and then I realized it wasn't our kinda heavy Roti. The Chapa'ti is too light and we're used to heavy roti. On my return, I experimented with the Chapa'ti and finally succeeded in making a perfect Chapa'ti myself.

This is just the crispy brown part, it's not burnt ;-)

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