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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Car Race Gone Bad !

A tragic car accident, a car race gone bad in Islamabad on the 5th of December 2010, took lives of innocent civilians. One of the boys who died in this accident was an 11 year old student named Asfandyar. I came to know about him only today.

Lovely words by Asfandyar, "anyone who leaves this world once, would never want to return to this world, even if he gets a chance to." What a lovely little boy. He had written against rash driving and speeding while he was alive. He is probably in a better place by now. He will live on forever. His story opens a connection between the two lifetimes. He was not even meant for this world.

He lives On!

As for the murderer and many other such potential murderers who cry for the moon in a third world country, should think a million times and take extra precautions before indulging in a life and death game. Being on the loose with a sports car which is almost a weapon of destruction, with no precautionary measures, is no less than being a terrorist. There are many other issues and problems to be resolved and solved before we can settle and play such games.

This little boy's sacrifice to open your eyes to such a crime in a third world country should not go to waste! Think about this and stand up to it!

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