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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Seminar on Polio Eradication - Rotary Club Peshawar South

CDG Abdul Rauf Rohaila addressing the gathering

Polio is a historically devastating disease that takes away lots and lots of opportunities from a child, that would otherwise have been available to him to explore, learn from and grow. It is a challenge that we collectively have to overcome, a disease that we collectively have to eradicate. Pakistan had confirmed 117 cases of polio in 2009 while over a 100 polio cases reported in 2010.

I believe it is time to wake up and join hands to fight and eradicate this cruel crippling disease forever. Pakistan is probably the only country left in the world with the most polio reported cases so far. Considering the fact that it is not just an ordinary sickness that will go away after some time, and the fact that it will leave a child crippled for life, we should make sure every child gets the polio drops on time.

I appreciate Rotary International's efforts for eradicating polio.

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