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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Said...

Before dying, the mouse said, "It's not my fault that I'm born a mouse".

Now that I'm a mouse, I do what mice do. I can't help it. Thank God you're not a mouse.
Mouse: Are you really gonna kill me?

G: Lemme think about it. Ummmm... Yeah I'll have to, sorry about that. I can't trust you running around with all my clothes and books scattered all around. I didn't invite you, did I?

Mouse: Hey, it's not my fault that I'm born a mouse. I didn't choose to be a mouse you know.

G: Then choose not to mess with my stuff.

Mouse: I can't help it. I was so hungry, I ate a sleeve off your new dress... Oopppsss.... hehehehe "Buurrrrppp"

G: Whattt??? How could you? I'ma gonna get ye for this...

Mouse: Catch me if you can..
(The chase begins... it enters into the bathroom, hides under the plants)

G: Gonna strangle you once I get my hands on you. You are a pain in the *beep beep*.

Mouse: Oh yeah? We'll see about that.
(Mouse nibbles on a few plants there)

Mouse: ha ha ha see?

G: (grabs a tumbler, finally inverts it over the mouse, and puts a big plant-pot on top of it) Now I'm gonna wait and wait and wait... and see what happens. I ain't gonna kill ye maself.

Mouse: I'll eat my way through this, don't you worry about me.
(...and after two days....)


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