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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Am But Flame - "The Blue" by Sobia Nosheen

Have you ever thought about a candle?
Have you ever noticed?
In the winters,
When you sit at night,
In your room,
When there is no light,
You light a candle,
It gives you light,
It kindles your night,
You feel the warmth,
You like that flame,
For it’s so kind,
It burns and burns,
All night for you,
You take your hands,
Close to the flame,You want to catch it,
You want to own it,
You want to hold it,
In your palms,
You think it’s caring,
You think its warm,
But when you take your hands near,
To catch the flame,
It burns your hands,
It can't be yours forever,
I am that flame,
I give you light,
When your nights are not so bright,
That’s all I am,
A flame to kindle your path,
And when there’s day,
I will be gone,
For I can't stay there forever,
I am but flame,
That will soon put out.

© Sobia Nosheen (20 December 2004)

from "The Blue"

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