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Saturday, June 26, 2010

You Matter --- Go Find Yourself

When nothing in the world satisfies you anymore, you should know that you have lost yourself somewhere in the humdrum of life. When nothing you do turns out well, no matter how much effort and money you put in, and nothing seems to go your way, it is you who is missing. You do not exist.

At that point in life and time, you need to find yourself first. You need to feel your own existence. You need to get in touch with yourself, your inner self. With the "You" in you.

Detach yourself from the world for some time. That is what you must do, get yourself out of the rush of life. In order to seek yourself, shutout everything material, all the cares and worries. In a month's duration or even less than that, you will be able to find yourself. Once you have found yourself, everything will seem to fall in its place. Things will make sense to you. You will find satisfaction even in the slightest and smallest of things around you.

In this quest for yourself, you will have to abandon the pleasures of life, which of course do not give you pleasure anymore. If you have a car, abandon it for some time. Walk, instead of riding in your car. take a bus or public transportation. Let the weather effect and affect you. Walk in the rain, or in the summer's heat. Feel the weather, and let it touch the "You" in you. Feel nature, in all of it's forms. Talk to the poor people, sit with them and listen to them. Visit poor localities. Find out what's going on in their lives. Listen to their stories. Spend some time with them. All this leads to helping you find "You" or your "Self".

People will say, you need to kill your "Nafs" or "Self" or "You", in order to be what I'm telling you here to try to be. I do not agree with that notion. If nothing satisfies you, and there is no charm in life anymore, it is because you do not know "Yourself" yet. You do not know "You" yet. You do not exist yet. You have lost your own "Self". You have lost "You". All you need to do is, to find "You". Your "You" or "Self" should be above everything else. Above all material things. Above all hunger and thirst. Above all visible to the naked eye.

I have tried all that, in my life. I have walked on foot for hours and hours in the rainstorms, without any umbrella, and pondered upon things. I have walked for hours and hours in the heat during summer time. It burnt me. I felt it. I cried and cried, while out there and I touched nature. Nothing in this world matters, more than people. People matter, relationships matter. Life matters, things don't matter. We matter. You matter. I matter.

So find yourself. Know yourself. Befriend yourself. Be kind to yourself. Do not indulge in impurities. Do not lose yourself again.

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