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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Depth Of It Matters

The depth of life matters more than the length of life. Just like quality is more significant than quantity. The quality of our life can also be measured by how deep we understand it. We would rather live in peace with our surroundings having love in our hearts for our fellow beings, than living longer with hate in our hearts and creating mischief in the world.

Even when it comes to relationships, I believe that length does not matter as much as depth does, and depth does not depend on length. It seems as if we cannot live without a specific relation in life, and it seems to matter alot, even though it is troubled and it kills you each day. The truth is that the length of time you have been acquainted with someone makes you get used to that relation, even if it is not a healthy one, and there is no way to fix it, you still feel like it cannot be replaced.

For you to be more productive and lead a quality life, where you can add to beautifying the world and your surroundings, it is very important that you replace your unhealthy relationships and friendships with healthy ones.

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