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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bleeding Pakistan --- Corruption A National Embarrassment

Corruption begins at school level. In Pakistan, young students, girls and boys are taught how to step on other people to get ahead in life. How to snatch other people's rights to get ahead in life.

The result of the board of intermediate and secondary education BISE Peshawar was declared on the 16th of June 2010 at 8:00 am. A brilliant student Sahar, of Presentation Convent High School, had taken the exam too, and we were all eagerly waiting for her result. Even her teachers and more than half of her school was waiting impatiently for her result, believing that she would top the board, as she is the most intelligent and perfect student of her school by all means having an IQ of over 125/150 at her age.

She has always scored above 90% in her school exams for over 10 years. Reason is her brilliance. Today I'm forced to write this because I just got news from her school that she secured 92% marks in her 10th 1st term home exam.

She topped her class again in the home exam. While in the BISEP exam, she scored 84%. She was devastated yesterday and so were we and all her teachers and friends at school when we saw her result and compared it to the not so bright students of her class. What was unfair was not her marks, but the undeserving girls in her class given more marks than her, in the BISEP exam.

There is no way on God's earth that those girls will ever score more marks than "Sahar Saleh", but there were at least tens of girls "pocketing" more marks than Sahar "scored". Reason was because unfair techniques were used to get ahead of her.

Those fathers and families who got their children these fake marks through bribes and corruption, should be ashamed of themselves. If Pakistan is suffering today, it is because of such people. The most deserving girl who works day and night, works hard to achieve what she dreams of, and deserves, has to suffer, all because the not so smart girls' dads pays the BISEP or the examiners to get their not so smart daughters a few extra marks. Hell with those fathers who teach their children corruption.

Is there anyone in Pakistan who believes in fair play? Anyone who will bring these corrupt people down? Anyone to raise their voices against such criminals. Yes! These people are criminals. Definite criminals. They snatch dreams from little girls' eyes. Such are the criminal people who should be hacked into bits for such a crime.

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