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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today at around 3:00 PM in Peshawar near Pak-Afghan border, I saw this "something" in the sky.

I thought it was a shooting star, but it looked like a shuttle, yet, it headed toward the ground after travelling a parabolic trajectory for some time. That reminded me of "projectiles travelling along parabolic trajectories" and parabolic time-travel. If that were a jet or a plane, it wouldn't look like a shuttle, and wouldn't fall to the ground as it was. If that weren't a rocket fired, then was it "parabolic time-travel"?

What do you think that could be?


Eeman said...


Big said...

u think?

careandwarmth said...

Yes it must have been a drone.

HASSAN said...

when a plane gets very high into the sky it starts to leave behind a trail as you can see below, is it possible to make a cleo for that so when it reachs 800+ above al the trail appears.

Heaven on Earth said...

Hmmm, but like mentioned, it went up and came down in a parabolic path. Do u know the meaning of a parabola? Planes don't parabola near pak-afghani border.