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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Losers

The term "Talib" means, "Desirous", "eager to obtain" or "seeker". "Taliban" is a plural of "Talib". "Talab" means "want". "Talib-e-Ilem" means a "student" or someone who seeks knowledge.

The term "Taliban" used for the terrorists does not mean they are the "Taliban" of some religion or knowledge. From what we have seen so far, they appear to be the "Taliban" of "power". No religion on the face of this earth and to my knowledge suggests the killings of innocent unarmed people. The "Taliban" operating in Pakistan, therefore do not belong to any religious group or atleast to no religion known to be a religion. They have deviced their own religion and thus are following that.

We cannot blame these "Talibans" alone for their state of mind. They are a derailed group of individuals, who seek power, but they are hired and backed by yet bigger power-seekers. The real terrorists are the backbone of these "Talibans" who play in the front line. The Taliban themselves do not know who their sponsor is.

Think of how they would've been motivated in the first place, to have started against an unarmed people, claiming they follow the same religion. They for sure do not follow the same religion.

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