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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Kerry-Lugar Bill as John Kerry Explains It

I've been receiving loads of messages from people all around trying to tell me Pakistan was in a real bad shape as now the Kerry-Lugar Bill was going to put Pakistan's reigns in the US hands.

First of all, for those people. "Just stop whining and sit back". Pakistan is totally in safe hands. Not even your political leaders can bring any harm to Pakistan.


According to John Kerry, there are no strings attached to the Bill for the Pakistani people. The Bill does not threaten Pakistan's sovereignty. The Bill does not require US oversight on promotions and other internal operations of the Pakistani military. It does not expand drone attacks on targets within Pakistan. The Bill has nothing to do with how the private security firms operate in Pakistan. The Bill does not aim for an expanded US military footprint in Pakistan, but all of the money authorised in this Bill is for non-military, civilian purposes.

So The Kerry-Lugar Bill authorizes $ 7.5 billion fund for Pakistan. According to John Kerry the US Embassy will need to take into account its own personnel and security needs to make sure it has the right staff with the right expertise on hand for properly distributing the $7.5 billion to the people of Pakistan, and therefore it will need more space and security.

Does the distribution of $7.5 billion fund to the people of Pakistan justify expansion of the US footprint in Pakistan? Some of his answers are satisfactory, while the later ones again raise the same questions.

John Kerry says, the Bill does not provide a single dollar for the US military operations in Pakistan, yet, he talks of space and security for the US embassy in Islamabad.

In the end, he says, "this is common sense".

Does it really make sense to you? Is this really Common sense?

Tell me what you think about it?


Salman Hassan said...

The topic is


I wil not write a big paragraph i wil just write the main points & the main things which he said in his speach ...

1) army will not interferre in politics.

2)Army,s major posting will b approved by us (WASINGTON D.C)

3)There wil not b ristrictions to U.S citizens in pak. (BLACK WATER)

4)There will b acces of U.S to any person related tonuclear eneryy (DR A Q KHAN)

5)AID will b given to person,not to pak govermnet

WAke up pakistani ,before its to late ..... do something take action otherewise END will b so bad...

Big said...

If you read the article which sobia has written. In that she mentioned that john kerry said army posting has nothing to do with the bill.
This is the sms which I also got. The bill is not like that. This sms is wrong. Do not forward it.

Salman Hassan said...

wel this is reality dont close ur eyes....
face the problem & solve it dont hide

Salman Hassan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sobia Nosheen Saleh said...


Is that for me or for salman?

Big said...

That wuz 4 salman. That sms in your reply is misleading.
""""2)Army,s major posting will b approved by us (WASINGTON D.C)""""
This iz not in the bill.