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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buner - After The Dust Settled ( PART-II )

Buner is a district in the N-W.F (Pukhtoonkhwa) Province of Pakistan. Some of its union councils were severly damaged by the talibans, and during the Operation "rah-e-rast", in the battle against the terrorists.

Here are some pictures of the damaged houses (taken by Gohar Jamal) in the union council "Kauga" which has a total population of 28,000 where 8 houses were completely destroyed, while 60 partially.

Union council Nawagai has a total population of 20,900 where 10 houses were completely destroyed while 20 partially damaged, and union council Gagra with a total population of 30,000 people, was left with 8 houses completely destroyed, while 105 were partially damaged. In union council Dewana Baba, having a total population of 15,000, had 8 houses completely destroyed while 18 partially damaged.

According to our correspondent, Gohar Jamal, most houses were only partially damaged, and a few were destroyed. Though there were many casualties, yet, since most of the people were evacuated, there was not much loss of human life, as compared to the livestock.

Following are some more pictures of the union council "Kauga" taken by Gohar Jamal.

These photographs are taken by Gohar Jamal.


Sobia Nosheen Saleh said...

These pictures talk!

grjamal said...
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grjamal said...

Hi Friends
I will be here to respond on these pictures...
As Sobia mentioned that there were not too much fully damages house holds,there were seen damages to livestock during migration of IDP's.
though the people are in trauma and they need to be provide psycho social support.

Sobia Nosheen Saleh said...

We pray for them and will definitely do whatever we can to support them.

AbdurRahman wafai said...

is the place with a pillar remaining a mosque?

grjamal said...

The Place with a pillar is not a mosque actually this is a house of Taliban Commander which was blown by PAK ARMY...I hope now you will be satisfied by my answer