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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spirit Calling...

Last year, I was on my way to Lahore on a bus, when I met a girl from the National College of Arts. She belonged to Hunza (The Northern Areas), but lived in Lahore. We talked the whole way on a lot of issues and topics. One of them was "Spirit Calling". It was the first time I heard about spirit calling, and the girl told me about how she and her friends used to call the spirits to answer questions for them.

She told me about her experiences with the spirits. I learnt how to call the spirits, and the whole calling thing involved a paper and a glass. She asked me to write the alphabets from A to Zee on a white paper, and then write a Yes and a No in the center, and encircle them. Then put a glass inverted in the center of the page, and call the spirits, but don't go about doing this alone. There should be at least two people there. Place your index finger on the inverted glass. All you have to do is, say out loud, "Any kind and good spirits passing by, please come into this glass", "If you are here, kindly move the glass toward yes", then ask the spirit, if it's there. If you're lucky, the glass will move, otherwise it won't and you will have to keep repeating the call.

Now, my own experience regarding this whole spirit calling thing.

A friend and I tried this, and the glass moved, and then we asked questions and got answers. I thought my friend moved the glass, and she thought I moved the glass, so in order to resolve this confusion, each one of us asked questions in our minds, so that the other could not hear them, and still got answers.

Each one of us asked questions that the other didn't know the answer to, like, about the past and some secrets; and still got the correct answers. I thought whatever it was, that was causing the glass to move, could only answer questions that we knew the answers to, so it was probably reading our minds. It could be the Jinn, as I'm not sure if anybody is lucky enough for angels to come and move that glass for them.

The glass would move over each letter and the spellings would not always be correct. Some of the spirits spoke Persian, some English and other different languages. It was not easy communicating with them when they spoke the language you did not understand.

Well, it's something worth trying, so try calling the spirits and try figuring out what causes the glass to move? Oh and I've tried doing it alone too, and I knew I wasn't moving the glass myself. Weird !

Do let me know if you have tried it !

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