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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hard Luck

I was never into pop or rap music. Though I did listen to a few of the local pop singers on TV, but never even felt like becoming a fan of any. I've always been into heavy metal, rock and hard rock music. Though one of my friends' plays trance, but I'm not at all following it. And when you're not into the art, you're not much into the artist too.

So here goes how I got interested in knowing about the King of popular music.

Two days before Michael Jackson's mysterious and tragic death, I was surfing the YouTube and came across news of Michael Jackson's conversion to Islam. I got curious to know the truth behind it.

I shared the news, which was pretty old by now, with some of my friends for confirmation. They said it was true. I went through almost all of Michael Jackson's videos, his songs, his history and the news bit about his conversion. I watched almost all of his interviews.

It was the first time in my life, I ever actually "looked" at MJ's face. I wondered why he had undergone so many surgeries, including the nose reshaping. I watched one of his 1993 interviews' by Oprah Gail Winfrey , where he told her about how one of his fans had made fun of his pimpled face before his surgery days, and how he was deeply hurt and hated to look at himself in the mirror. He said, he avoided the mirror for a long time. Perhaps that was when he felt like going for surgery. I also noticed his voice, the soft tone, which felt like a female voice. I had never heard his voice before, so I got curious to know if the surgery had anything to do with that, cause he sounded different in the songs. I went through some of his childhood videos and interviews. In one of his interviews on the soul train, he spoke with the same soft voice, back in the Jackson 5 days.

The Jackson 5 was also a surprise for me. It was totally new to me. Back then, little Michael was kinda cute and I was amazed to see how talented he was since childhood. He was a total prodigy. I came to know he had stepped into performing when he was only eight. He had the same moves. He sure was better looking than the other of the Jackson 5.

I went about watching his dance performances, and even the later ones. His, what they call "moonwalking" fascinated me, and the "breakdance" was quite amazing. I was wondering why I had missed out on it all before. It was probably cause of his ever changing skin color and looks that I never took his music seriously. I felt sorry for him to have undergone so many surgeries.

Just when I had noticed the king of pop, "pop goes the weasel" !

Only two days of "Jackson Time", and I heard a shocking news about Jackson's death. It sure was so sudden. It had only been two days that I started developing interest in MJ's pop music and he died already. The news was very much upsetting.

It seemed as if two days ago, I was the only one curious to find out about him, and after he died, the media flooded with Jackson's news.

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