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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adopt a Hobby...

Glass painting is a beautiful art, where the artist uses different techniques to paint either a looking glass, plain opaque glass, stained glass or glass windows. It's not necessary for you to be a professional artist in order to paint glass. Glass painting can be one of the many wonderful, creative, healthy and constructive hobbies that you can adopt, to relieve stress.

A few of the many reasons why I paint, is, to get my mind off of things that give me stress. Needless worry is a liability, and not an asset. It is what costs you a lot, but does not give you any benefit.

When I need to escape the unnecessary tension. I just grab a paint brush, some paints, and start painting. No matter what is bothering you, if you cannot find a solution to it, even after consulting many of your friends, and even professional help cannot make it better, then you seek shelter; and one of the healthy shelters you can find in "glass paintings".

Once you start painting to your heart's desire, you will forget about your worries. You will find yourself submerged in a world so colourful that it will help in cutting the needless worry from your life; and who knows, maybe you will create some masterpiece. It really helps.

Try not to paint for external appreciation. If so, and you do not get the desired response, you might end up adding more stress to your life. You have to make sure the painting does not become a matter of worry for you. No matter how you stroke the brush, know that it will always end in a beautiful abstract. Here, you are painting for yourself, so paint the way that pleases you. You can paint glass bottles, all shapes and sizes, small looking glass/mirror pieces, even big mirrors you can find, and the windows and whatever extra glass objects you feel like. There are different types of glass paints available in the market. I use Crystalline glass colors. They crystallize as they dry thus giving a crystallized/jack-frost effect.

Try it, and do let me know !

Good Luck, and AdiĆ³s !

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