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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Suicide Bombing in Pakistan

The suicide bombing in Pakistan is highly despicable. Innocent boys, girls and children are brainwashed, and made to believe that whatever is going on in Pakistan is quite unislamic, and therefore, it is their duty, being muslims, to wage Jihad against the government and the people of Pakistan. The innocent boys and girls are trained for this purpose, by the so-called fundamentalists, basically terrorists, with no knowledge of religion; for carrying out their evil plans of destruction.

The word "Islam" means peace. Jihad means waging a war against evil. A musalmaan is forbidden in islam to even point a gun toward his fellow musalmaans, so how do you expect that the ones killing innocent masses for no good reason at all, are following islam. They are either brainless creatures, or damn good at hijacking jihad and using it for their own terrorist activities.


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