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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Leader of Leaders

If you look closely, you will find two kinds of people around you. One is the kind, that will support you, in what ever good you do, that benefits you, without anything in return. They are "leaders of leaders". They will show you the path, and only you will know who they are. When you shine, only you will know who contributed toward making that happen. Their mere presence is an encouragement for you.

Then, there are people, who will think of you to be competition. They will misguide you and will try their best to keep you from shining your light. If they, by any chance, guide you, or contribute toward your success, they will make sure everyone knows it was because of them. It may not always be easy to identify such people. They are ordinary, and they may lead the herd, but their insecurities do not allow them to lead the leaders. In the moral hierarchy of humans, they are way down below the "leaders of leaders." 

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