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Friday, October 5, 2012

To God, We Are All The Same

God must not care for whether someone wears a designer dress or is clad in rags. He may not care for whether someone is what we call ugly or perfectly beautiful. God may have his own definition of beauty. He may not be intimidated by someone's wealth. Today, I saw an old man sitting by the road side, all alone by himself, and he seemed very happy. He was in rags yet he did not seem to want anything. Right next to him, rich men were driving by, in their expensive cars. The man in rags was at peace. He did not wish for what those other men had. This poor man was wishing every passer by every happiness in the world. He was wishing out loud, when someone would walk by him. He was not begging.

If riches were precious to God, He would have showered them over only his good people. That which we call beautiful is not the only beautiful to Him and that which we call ugly, is not the only ugly to Him. Riches to us, may not be riches to Him, while nothing to us may not be nothingness to Him. He shines His light on everyone and everything, regardless of the differences that we have created.