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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shallow Waters Or Deep Sea

You can hide the sun with your thumb, out of only your own sight; but you cannot prevent it from shining it's light. What is meant to be, will be. You may knock someone down physically if you have the physical strength, but you cannot ever kill their spirit. Sooner or later, they will rise back up, and no matter how many times you try to knock them down, they will keep rising back on their feet. There is no stopping that ! You may try to be a carbon copy of someone, but you cannot ever be them.

Messing with those who do not mess with you, willingly or unwillingly, is like inviting trouble or challenging the laws of nature. How better would it be for everyone of us, if we would show a little care for those around us, instead of trying to knock them down, only to make ourselves look better than they are. The tragedy with most people is, that the only way they think they can look good or get popular, is to try to make the person who they think is much better and talented than they are, look bad in the public eye. Some people would go to any extent to try to punch holes in someone else's credibility believing that if the other person lost popularity or ground, it would make them the next best. The miscreant can never ever be even close to the best. One should try to be original, and kind at heart.  Kindness shows in actions.

The only way you can ever be remembered, in good words, is when you show kindness to others. You may think that the other person, who out of courtesy does not ask you to back off, is weaker or probably scared of you; well, that is definitely not the case. Never ever mistake someone's courtesy for helplessness. Still waters run real deep. You may survive in a shallow stream that makes plenty of noise, but you will definitely drown to death in a deep deep sea. People who do not bug you, do not hurt you, and also do not tell you how much your selfish behavior is offending them in every way, are like the deep sea.

It is time to look around and realize if you really are being a selfish prick in someone's life. It is time to correct yourself, before you drown to death in a deep deep sea.

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