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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pappu Vs. Awkward

Pappu is a jazzy, trendy, fashionable, burger eating, dew drinking guy who goes to a co-educational institute, has a Facebook profile with plenty of girls added. He jokes around and laughs. He loves to be surrounded by girls. Peeps and winks at them in class. He is into girls. He is "in" these days. 

Aajkal Pappu ka scene "on" hay !

There is another guy, he goes to the same institute, has a Facebook profile too, but not many girls on it. His Facebook profile picture is also dull and boring. He does not have any catchy status messages. He does not even put gel in his hair or comb it very often. He does not care much about what he wears for as long as it is clean. He prefers the national dress more. Girls do not like him much because he is not a chick magnet. He has nothing to offer them, apparently. He does not have a pair of sun glasses and does not wear jeans. "He is so awkward and pathetic", says one girl.

"Pappu chiknayyyyyy", a friend greets pappu in college.

Now let us go to their homes.

Pappu has a guitar and he tries to play it. He has a personal computer and three cell phones. Pappu talks to girls online, then he talks to girls on the phone, he plays them tunes on his guitar. "Pappu is Pappu", he is "Pappu" the celebrity. Pappu knows many wise quotes, and sets them as his status messages on Facebook too. He is so awesome. He sparkles. Girls dream of him at night. Yeah that is right, girls; many girls.

Coming back to the awkward guy. He goes home to his books and his chores. He has to help his little sister with her homework. He uses his older sister's laptop sometimes for his assignments and seldom uses Facebook. He has all his sisters added with him on Facebook, and not just that, even his mother too. His grandmother lives with them. He sits with her for an hour each day listening to her stories.

Pappu is cool, is he not?

While this awkward guy, he is just so dull. He has no life at all. "Get a life loser", says pappu to the awkward guy in class.

Yes, Pappu uses words like, loser, mo-fo, b**ch, s**t and such. He thinks it is cool.

Let us go back to his house. Pappu keeps the doors of his room locked. Nobody can enter at all. It is not even his room but his mother says he has all the right to occupy that space. His mother is a powerful stubborn woman who has always suppressed her husband. He (the husband) is not fond of her at all but is too weak to set her straight. Coping with her all his life was like living in hell for him. Pappu's mother does not like girls as such. She is proud of her sons and curses her daughters. The poor girls have been living a nightmare ever since they were born to her. Pappu is mama's star. Pappu is at the top of the world.

"Get lost bitch", shouts Pappu at his sister.

-- To be continued ! :-)

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