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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dream & Your Subconscious Mind

The Dreams speak to your subconscious mind. When we try to achieve our goals, the conscious mind wants to move in the direction of achieving them, but the subconscious mind whispers the opposite. In order for you to focus on what you want, you need to reach out to your subconscious mind and reprogram it. That can sometimes be a very tough job. When we lose all hope and are broken into a million pieces; putting those pieces back together may not be that easy, and sometimes you may not even want to do that. In such hopeless cases, sometimes, you may get signs from all around you that will make you want to begin all over again. A new hope, renewed energy that will charge you toward your goals once again.

Sometimes communication with the subconscious mind may be difficult while you are still conscious and in this world. Sometimes during your sleep, which is a temporary death, you may see dreams that will speak to your subconscious all the things that you could not speak to it while awake. Your dream while you sleep, may take you to answers for which questions have not yet been asked. You may see results that may motivate your subconscious into supporting your conscious mind toward moving in the direction of achieving your goals.

From the many signs we see in our lives while still awake, dreams too reprogram our subconscious mind and so they are signs from a divine source.

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