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Monday, October 10, 2011

Whatever Goes Around...

“Whoever does an atom’s weight righteousness will see it,
and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.” 
-- The Quran Chapter 99 Verses 7-8

In other words, whatever goes around, comes around.

Our will, thoughts and actions in this world are like a boomerang. We throw them in the air and they come right back at us. Being a staunch believer in the laws of requital, a law that rewards or punishes according to a person's deeds; I do not worry about many things. I know every wrong will take care of itself and every right will also take care of itself. No deed can escape this "time and space". I have seen it happen.

My father often tries to convince me that the world is a bad and cruel place. He says its even worse for a girl. Being a girl, and being in the world on my own, I have always come across wonderful people by the grace of the Almighty God. There was a time when, guided by my elders, I used to carry a weapon while going out. I was always tense and thought everyone was bad and could attack me anytime. I was a kid then, and didn't know it was all in my head, rather put in my head by those who have had a bad experience in this world.

Today, even though things in my hometown are much much much worse, as seen on the news, than they were a long time ago; yet I walk freely and do not have any fears in my heart, because I know the world is good to you if you are good in your heart; and for that to happen, you have got to strongly believe in the good. I have personally experienced it. I have seen God's help come to me in the middle of nowhere. I have seen miracles happen right before my very eyes. It is your own belief that counts. Whatever you strongly believe in, is what comes to life right in front of you. Your own belief brings whatever it is you want or fear; to life. I believe that if you are bad in your heart to someone, your own ill-will will come right back to you. If you are good, then that goodness will come back to you sooner or later in one form or the other. You are not being good to others by being good to them, but you are only being good to yourself.

Try it and this will change your world. Only if you can feel it.

Trust me on this one. :-)

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