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Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Not Another Breaking News !

My homeland, a new adventure everyday! Every morning you wake up, you hear breaking news! Could Pakistan be suffering at the hands of the talibans for hurting Afghanistan by supporting the Afghani Talibans in the past? Could this be a reaction to that?

This morning I woke up, and accidentally switched on the TV to watch news after a long long time. I saw a news reporter standing in Sihala, Islamabad near an arms depot; site of some kind of a blast. Then another breaking news, a bomb blast killing 7 people in a market in Buttgram, Mansehra in the North of Pakistan. After some time, I saw a footage of shelling in Lahore probably on Ferozpur road. Then another breaking news of firing in Karachi, South of Pakistan. All this in a few hours and now I don't feel like taking my breakfast at all. So much for watching the television in the morning.

Are the Pakistani Taliban, an offspring of the Afghani Taliban? Lets consider the Taliban to be a disease and let the world be a body. This disease caused 76% of civilian deaths in Afghanistan in just a year, two years ago. It slowly and gradually grew in magnitude and crossed the borders into Pakistan. The saddest bit is that these foreign diseases associate themselves with Islam and Pashtoonwali, while from no angle do they look Muslims or Pashtoons.

There can be two kinds of treatment for this disease, as it can be broadly divided into two categories. The US and its allied forces have been trying to fight them using force; let that be the medicine. Have we tried to reach out to them as if they needed psychological treatment as well?

The world is over loaded with great psychiatrists and they probably just blabber jabber, all talk and no action. All those scholars who just hide behind a dice and give fatwas which they never follow themselves. Why not load them all in a truck and send them to Afghanistan and the Talibans eating upon Pakistan? I do not want to use the word "Pakistani Talibans" again because Pakistan is suffering at the hands of these retards. If these Talibans associate themselves with the Pashtuns and with Islam, then let me tell them, that even a dog would not kill his own kind. Pashtuns would not kill their own Pashtun children the way you are mercilessly bombing our children, a Muslim would never attack any unarmed person, or a civilian, because Islam only means "PEACE".

The world should use force where necessary, but at the same time, it is important for human existence to reach out to these psychologically disturbed groups of people and treat their mental illness before they make any further irreparable damage to the world. If what started in Afghanistan years ago, can cross into Pakistan, then it can penetrate anywhere else in the world too. Think; and step right up to put an end to this disease!

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