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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Significance Of A Birthday

Birthday, the day we were born, holds a special significance in our lives, and even the lives of those who care for us. Birthdays are special occasions. I have known people holding different opinions about celebrating birthdays.

People can mainly be divided into three categories, based on their opinions on "celebrating Birthdays". You can make that "Two categories", if you think the third one isn't related.

Category "One" are people who believe a birthday to be a sad event, as one loses a year of his life. They consider celebrating birthdays to be useless and a waste. Category "Two" are people who believe that birthdays are real special events in a person's life and a chance to be happy. One should avail every opportunity to celebrate. Category "Three" are impartial to the whole idea. They're just passive.

Personally, I agree with category two, because category one are negative and pessimistic. We already know that this life is not forever. We are all to die one day. A birthday is a day in a person's life, when he is surrounded by the same aura of energy as he was, when he was born. You might have felt something special, some special kind of energy and strength on your birthday. If on the other hand, you havent felt any positive force or energy on that special day, then maybe that is not your birth day.

A birthday is a time to decide that you will make all positive decisions in the years to come. You make new plans and pass new resolutions. It is a time when you are full of energy. Even people around you can feel it. You feel strong and hopeful, no matter how old you get. That special day makes you feel young and not old. Category two is positive and optimistic.

If this life is a journey from the cradle to the grave, then why die each day, before death? Why not celebrate each day of our lives, no matter what. Even if we are facing problems, and we know we have to go through them, then why not make this journey a happy one as much as we can? Face problems believing that they are temporary.

Receiving best wishes on your birthday fills you with lots of positive energy. It's a great feeling to receive good wishes from your friends and family. People should often wish each other good luck as I have seen it working miracles.

I wish you good luck! :-)

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