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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day On Foot --- Peshawar Saddar

This man with his water melon stand was standing right at the middle of a street entering Fawara Chowk in Peshawar Saddar. The water melons sure have attracted some honey bees.

The man posed for a photo, but I was focused on the honey bees sitting on the water melons. Later I was told that he was posing for photos all this while. :-D

A street in the busy Peshawar Saddar.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

You Matter --- Go Find Yourself

When nothing in the world satisfies you anymore, you should know that you have lost yourself somewhere in the humdrum of life. When nothing you do turns out well, no matter how much effort and money you put in, and nothing seems to go your way, it is you who is missing. You do not exist.

At that point in life and time, you need to find yourself first. You need to feel your own existence. You need to get in touch with yourself, your inner self. With the "You" in you.

Detach yourself from the world for some time. That is what you must do, get yourself out of the rush of life. In order to seek yourself, shutout everything material, all the cares and worries. In a month's duration or even less than that, you will be able to find yourself. Once you have found yourself, everything will seem to fall in its place. Things will make sense to you. You will find satisfaction even in the slightest and smallest of things around you.

In this quest for yourself, you will have to abandon the pleasures of life, which of course do not give you pleasure anymore. If you have a car, abandon it for some time. Walk, instead of riding in your car. take a bus or public transportation. Let the weather effect and affect you. Walk in the rain, or in the summer's heat. Feel the weather, and let it touch the "You" in you. Feel nature, in all of it's forms. Talk to the poor people, sit with them and listen to them. Visit poor localities. Find out what's going on in their lives. Listen to their stories. Spend some time with them. All this leads to helping you find "You" or your "Self".

People will say, you need to kill your "Nafs" or "Self" or "You", in order to be what I'm telling you here to try to be. I do not agree with that notion. If nothing satisfies you, and there is no charm in life anymore, it is because you do not know "Yourself" yet. You do not know "You" yet. You do not exist yet. You have lost your own "Self". You have lost "You". All you need to do is, to find "You". Your "You" or "Self" should be above everything else. Above all material things. Above all hunger and thirst. Above all visible to the naked eye.

I have tried all that, in my life. I have walked on foot for hours and hours in the rainstorms, without any umbrella, and pondered upon things. I have walked for hours and hours in the heat during summer time. It burnt me. I felt it. I cried and cried, while out there and I touched nature. Nothing in this world matters, more than people. People matter, relationships matter. Life matters, things don't matter. We matter. You matter. I matter.

So find yourself. Know yourself. Befriend yourself. Be kind to yourself. Do not indulge in impurities. Do not lose yourself again.

The Simpler The Better

Many people tend to complicate their lives. They find some kinda fun in doing that. I consider that an illness of the mind. Keep things straight and simple. Sometimes we may even find ourselves in complicated relationships.

Just ask yourself; do relationships really have to be complicated? Do things around us really have to be complicated? Why do things get complicated? How do they get complicated?

It happens only when we can't let go of what we should let go of. When we can't find the time to attend to a situation or a problem, and keep putting it off. When we don't solve a problem on time, it definitely gets complicated. Problems keep piling up, and that is how you end up in a mess.

So just try to find a solution to things on time. The sooner the better. Do not putt off things till tomorrow.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Following The Moon

I was going shopping for my little sister, when I thought I'd capture the moon with my cell phone from the moving car. One of my very nice friends and a dear brother seems to be obsessed with the "moon" these days. I have yet to find out what moon that is.

The moon seemed to be going my way, and I'm glad my cell phone didn't fall off. :-)

The moon is at her full, and riding high, Floods the calm fields with light. The airs that hover in the summer sky Are all asleep to-night.

--- William C. Bryant

Peshawar --- In The Heat Of The Night

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Depth Of It Matters

The depth of life matters more than the length of life. Just like quality is more significant than quantity. The quality of our life can also be measured by how deep we understand it. We would rather live in peace with our surroundings having love in our hearts for our fellow beings, than living longer with hate in our hearts and creating mischief in the world.

Even when it comes to relationships, I believe that length does not matter as much as depth does, and depth does not depend on length. It seems as if we cannot live without a specific relation in life, and it seems to matter alot, even though it is troubled and it kills you each day. The truth is that the length of time you have been acquainted with someone makes you get used to that relation, even if it is not a healthy one, and there is no way to fix it, you still feel like it cannot be replaced.

For you to be more productive and lead a quality life, where you can add to beautifying the world and your surroundings, it is very important that you replace your unhealthy relationships and friendships with healthy ones.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bleeding Pakistan --- Corruption A National Embarrassment

Corruption begins at school level. In Pakistan, young students, girls and boys are taught how to step on other people to get ahead in life. How to snatch other people's rights to get ahead in life.

The result of the board of intermediate and secondary education BISE Peshawar was declared on the 16th of June 2010 at 8:00 am. A brilliant student Sahar, of Presentation Convent High School, had taken the exam too, and we were all eagerly waiting for her result. Even her teachers and more than half of her school was waiting impatiently for her result, believing that she would top the board, as she is the most intelligent and perfect student of her school by all means having an IQ of over 125/150 at her age.

She has always scored above 90% in her school exams for over 10 years. Reason is her brilliance. Today I'm forced to write this because I just got news from her school that she secured 92% marks in her 10th 1st term home exam.

She topped her class again in the home exam. While in the BISEP exam, she scored 84%. She was devastated yesterday and so were we and all her teachers and friends at school when we saw her result and compared it to the not so bright students of her class. What was unfair was not her marks, but the undeserving girls in her class given more marks than her, in the BISEP exam.

There is no way on God's earth that those girls will ever score more marks than "Sahar Saleh", but there were at least tens of girls "pocketing" more marks than Sahar "scored". Reason was because unfair techniques were used to get ahead of her.

Those fathers and families who got their children these fake marks through bribes and corruption, should be ashamed of themselves. If Pakistan is suffering today, it is because of such people. The most deserving girl who works day and night, works hard to achieve what she dreams of, and deserves, has to suffer, all because the not so smart girls' dads pays the BISEP or the examiners to get their not so smart daughters a few extra marks. Hell with those fathers who teach their children corruption.

Is there anyone in Pakistan who believes in fair play? Anyone who will bring these corrupt people down? Anyone to raise their voices against such criminals. Yes! These people are criminals. Definite criminals. They snatch dreams from little girls' eyes. Such are the criminal people who should be hacked into bits for such a crime.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Your thoughts matter alot. Your life depends on the way you think. Change the way you think and you will change your life.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Enemy Or Friend ?

Something one should never forget !

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Significance Of A Birthday

Birthday, the day we were born, holds a special significance in our lives, and even the lives of those who care for us. Birthdays are special occasions. I have known people holding different opinions about celebrating birthdays.

People can mainly be divided into three categories, based on their opinions on "celebrating Birthdays". You can make that "Two categories", if you think the third one isn't related.

Category "One" are people who believe a birthday to be a sad event, as one loses a year of his life. They consider celebrating birthdays to be useless and a waste. Category "Two" are people who believe that birthdays are real special events in a person's life and a chance to be happy. One should avail every opportunity to celebrate. Category "Three" are impartial to the whole idea. They're just passive.

Personally, I agree with category two, because category one are negative and pessimistic. We already know that this life is not forever. We are all to die one day. A birthday is a day in a person's life, when he is surrounded by the same aura of energy as he was, when he was born. You might have felt something special, some special kind of energy and strength on your birthday. If on the other hand, you havent felt any positive force or energy on that special day, then maybe that is not your birth day.

A birthday is a time to decide that you will make all positive decisions in the years to come. You make new plans and pass new resolutions. It is a time when you are full of energy. Even people around you can feel it. You feel strong and hopeful, no matter how old you get. That special day makes you feel young and not old. Category two is positive and optimistic.

If this life is a journey from the cradle to the grave, then why die each day, before death? Why not celebrate each day of our lives, no matter what. Even if we are facing problems, and we know we have to go through them, then why not make this journey a happy one as much as we can? Face problems believing that they are temporary.

Receiving best wishes on your birthday fills you with lots of positive energy. It's a great feeling to receive good wishes from your friends and family. People should often wish each other good luck as I have seen it working miracles.

I wish you good luck! :-)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Deal With Your Fears In Time

Fear of the unknown does not let one grow and prosper. Fear kills passion and faith. So kill your fears before they harm you. Courage is eternal, while fear is only temporary. Overcome your fears. Look fear straight in the eye and defeat it. There is nothing in this world that is impossible. Anything good that you want to achieve, is possible.

Our problem is that most of the time, we are passionate and enthusiastic about doing something, but there are forces around us, people around us that try to bring us down, and demotivate us. Try not to pay any attention to those negative forces. Do not let negative thoughts build in your head. Get rid of them the moment they are building up. Replace your fears with hopes. You will definitely feel the difference.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't Wait, The Time Will Never Be Just Right

It takes courage to act. I've seen many people just talking about willing to do things while they actually do not have the courage to put their plan to action. It's easy to talk, but it takes courage to act. It's not enough to just will to do things, or just to know how to do things. What is more important is to just do it.

I have known people criticizing doers. Believing that a doer is not necessarily an achiever. I think a doer definitely achieves something. It's better than not having attempted something out of the fear of failure.

Today I had a terrible experience with someone questioning my achievements in life, and also criticizing my involvement in politics and calling me a failure. All because I lost the general elections to the Finance Minister, does not make me a failure. If I had withdrawn at that point out of fear of losing the elections, I would have had set a real bad example for the youth in general and for the girls in specific. For me, staying there till the end, was an achievement too.

Someone said, "If I were to contest elections, I would never have lost". I say, if you were to contest elections at all, you would have. Those who just talk and talk, they just talk. It's really very easy to talk, or to advise, but it's not that easy to act. It takes courage to "DO IT". If you could have done something so well, then you bloody well might have done it. What were you waiting for in the first place? An invitation?

We definitely need to surround ourselves by more positive and optimistic people. When surrounded by pessimistic and negative people, you are drained out of all your energy. The optimistic and positive people tend to add to your energy levels.

"Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.”

---Ralph Waldo Emerson